Our First “RV”

I suppose our very first “RV” was even more primitive than our little popup trailer. We had a tent that fit over the bed of my pickup and boy, did we get a lot of use out of it! We even spent our honeymoon camping in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. It had a nice mesh roof that you could stargaze through, and a rain fly that pulled over that for more inclement weather. The weight of the tailgate kept everything taught and snug. It was a great little rig. It still had the feel of tent camping, but it got us up off the ground. Of course, that first morning we woke up in the Grand Tetons and it had frozen overnight… well let’s just say that a hard-sided trailer with a heater would have been preferred. It;s truly amazing how long you can delay emptying your bladder when it’s that cold out!

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