Me? Really?

One of my regular ham radio podcasts is 100 Watts and a Wire. Christian, KØSTH and Katie, WY7YL do a great job, and look forward to it every week. Recently, they told the story about a ham named Jim (K7JAN) who was looking to pay it forward and pass along some radio gear that he wasn’t using to someone just starting out who could use it. I wrote in and told my story, and I was hopeful, but I really didn’t think I would be the one selected. The days went by, and when episode 22 came out tonight, I listened excitedly to see who the recipient would be. I really didn’t think it would be me, as I was under the impression that the generous donor would be notifying the recipient in advance of the episode release. Boy, was I wrong! I practically leapt off the couch when I heard my name read and I ran down the hall to wake my family who had gone to bed early. I’m still sitting here in a state of shock, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep at all tonight. Want to hear the episode (and the reveal) for your self? Browse on over to and give the episode a listen. If you want to hear the reveal itself, skip ahead to about 40 minutes in. Don’t miss the beginning, though! The segments about Elsa were adorable, and definitely listen to Jim K7JAN’s story and explanation about just why he’s doing all this. I’m blessed beyond belief, and I can’t wait to meet Jim some day and thank him personally.

I’m excited to tear into the box of gear when it arrives. It’s going to be an amazing Christmas here! I’ll do my best to document my project here on this website as I learn how it all works. Thanks for reading.


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