I’ve been wanting to brush up on the high school Spanish I took all those years ago, so I’ve been concentrating on a smartphone app called Duolingo. They also have a website where you can access their content and monitor your progress.

Well, to quote the website, (a) I’m awesome and (b) I’ve completed the Spanish skill tree. Don’t believe me? Check the graphic below:

SpanishDoneNow, I’m not exactly fluent. The website itself lists my fluency level at 50%, but I do feel that my Spanish aptitude is higher than it’s ever been. Check it out if you’re interested in learning another language. Heck, you might even be entertained by some odd phrases you may never use

I intend to go back through and refresh my Spanish skills now that I’ve completed all the exercises, and then I want to try learning another language, potentially using the ladder method.

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